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Peacekeepers and the National Gallery

Again, I thought the image of silhouettes was more intriguing than an image with everything in detail.

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  1. Richard Burnford

    I like the use of silhouette in this photo. It effectively conveys the image of peacekeepers on watch. A niggly point, but perhaps crop by an eight of an inch at the top to hide the small bit of flag in the top right which distracts the eye,

  2. John Miner

    I like the strong silhouetted shapes of the soldiers complemented by the dark blues of the evening sky. For me, I would have cropped out the gallery and the flag pole on the right – these shapes seem to detract from the main subject of the soldiers. Also, there appears to be a flagpole sticking out of the head of one of the soldiers, another one on the extreme left and branches of a tree next to the illuminated side wall of the statue. I would attempt to eliminate these distracting items either by changing the camera angle before shooting or via post-processing.

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