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Photoshop for Photographers Workshop

Adobe has incorporated a number of tools, filters and features in Photoshop that gives photographers a wide variety flexibility in managing their photos. In this workshop, we will explore features that allow you to manipulate images by removing flaws from the subject. We will look at colour and brightness correction. We will work with tools like the Healing Brush, Close Stamp, Art History Brush and Content Aware Fill. In this session you’ll also learn how to create a panorama picture from a series of individual images. Using a new feature in Photoshop, you will learn how to remove objects (people, cars, etc) by comparing several images. We will look at some old features that allow you to change the Depth of Field of a photo as well as some new features like the quick selection tool. We’ll also look at “painting” a photograph within Photoshop.

Getting your content on the web is a common practice. We will explore the differences between the JPG and PNG file formats. You’ll learn when to use JPG and when to use PNG. We’ll also look at two different ways Photoshop can export your images to these web formats.

Near the end of the session we’ll explore some of the 3D components of Photoshop. We’ll start by inserting 3D text in a 2D photograph. We’ll also look at creating unique 3D objects such as a 3D globe that you can see through.

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Cost: $25

Minimum Participants: 6

Maximum Participants: 12

Required Equipment: Laptop & Adobe Photoshop – Trial version can be downloaded from the adobe site

Location and Time:

Date: 26 May 2018

Start:  09:30 to 13:00

Location:  Room 340, Peter Clark Centre, 255 Centrum

Phil Cowcill Biography

Phil Cowcill has been working with educational technology since 1983. He started developing websites in 1994. In 1995, he started teaching full-time multimedia and web development at the post-graduate level. In 2011, Mr. Cowcill designed and delivered Canada’s first Mobile Application Development program for a college. This program was also at the post graduate level.

He’s very passionate about helping people learn. Most of his students over the years come without having a programming background. He has found a way to explain difficult concepts to non-technical people.

“A Picture is worth 1000 Words” is a very entertaining overview of Phil Cowcill’s skills.






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