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Executive Team

The CPOPC Executive Team is made up of talented volunteers. They ensure the club’s mandate is on target and that it is serving its membership. 


Alan White – President


Alan’s first photographic experience was helping his dad develop and print black and white in the family kitchen darkroom using a home-made enlarger. After that came a succession of technological wonders such as colour, exposure meters, 35mm, SLRs and eventually digital. Along the way his photography has been really stuck in recording places and things, with little emphasis on people – he hates having his own photo taken and wrongly assumes the same of others. So the club is his attempt to broaden his creative repertoire and start creating some interesting images. As an engineer and currently using a Lumix FX 200 all-in-one, he is amazed at the results that even low end technology can produce. He is particularly enjoying capturing birds, flowers and other wildlife with the high zoom.

Donald Fry – Vice President


Donald has been taking photographs since he was a young boy, starting with a box Brownie then graduating to a Kodak Instamatic as a young teen. He got his first 35mm, a Canon fTB in 1976 and has been serious about photography ever since. He is currently using a Nikon D7000 with a combination of wide angle and macro lenses. On the development and editing side, Donald uses Photoshop Elements v15 for his editing and organizing. His main photographic interests are landscape, nature, street and architecture. He has been a member of the Orleans Photography club since February 2015 and the vice-President since September 2015.

Elizabeth Kaminska – Program Director


Jean Sanmatee Moore – Program Director


Jean’s love of photography stemmed from a desire to document family history. She bought her first professional camera, a Minolta srT 101  with a 1:1.4 55mm lens, in 1971 and enjoyed  taking photos. So she then took classes at St. Lawrence College, Kingston, Ontario in Portrait and Landscape Photography.  As an X-ray technologist, training and working  at KGH in 1967, she was used to film  developing. With that  knowledge she created a darkroom in her basement where  she  processed  B&W and color film and had fun creating  photo albums for friends and family. She joined a Meetup Photography group in Ottawa  and was encouraged by Claude Brazeau at one of his workshops to join CPOPC.  Her only regret, is that she did not join the Club earlier. She enjoys the camaraderie of the Club members and the knowledge gained  from its activities. She and her husband Dennison are retired, and he is also  a Club member.

An Piche – Competition Director



Roger Régimbal – Secretary/Treasurer


Roger has always been interested in photography. He took his first pictures with a Brownie camera. During his university years, he became the photographer for the newspaper and the yearbook, where he took and processed thousands of black and white pictures. As a teacher, he taught the basics of picture taking and darkroom processing to his grade seven and eight students. His union activities did not leave much time for his hobby. In recent years, he has renewed with it and has become member of our club. This year he has once again accepted the task of secretary treasurer.

Janna Glenn – Webmaster


Janna’s interest in photography started at a young age. Known to her family as the “Queen of the five-minute film”, she has managed to include her passion into her career. As a partner in a marketing and communications company, Janna can express her creativity through photography, graphic design and web design. She has photographed visiting dignitaries, events, weddings, family portraits and commercial products, and has had her work used by many of the city’s thriving business community and media outlets.