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Interclub Competition

The annual Interclub Competition is a competition among individual photographers in the four Ottawa-area photo clubs. The 2020 competition dates are as follows:

Web Site Opens for Submission: Jan 1, 2020
Submission Deadline: Mid – Mar (TBA), 2020
Presentation Date : April 7, 2020
Presentation is held in Clark Hall, at the RA Centre (2451 Riverside Dr.) from 19:30 – 21:30hrs (doors open at 18:30hrs). There is no cost to attend. The presentation is open to everyone, regardless if you submitted an image(s) or not.

There are two categories:
1) on topic
2) general

The 2020 ON TOPIC subject is Dusk to Dawn – defined as the period of time immediately after sunset to immediately before sunrise. No actual sunsets or sunrises. So, the blue hour is within the competition parameters; the golden hour is not.

The GENERAL category is an open category.

Submission of Entries

All Media

Each member can enter a maximum of three (3) images. These images can be either in digital and/or print format. (See below for further details on each format.) At least one of these images must be under the on topic category,  “Dusk to Dawn”.  Note that all three images can be submitted under the on topic category, if the member wishes to do so.

All entries, regardless of format, must be received by midnight TBA, 2020.

There is no cost to submit an image.

If you are submitting three entries, one entry must be tagged as ‘optional’. This will be used to reduce the number of entries, if necessary. The maximum number of entries acceptable in competition from all source clubs has been tentatively set at 200 for this year. This limit is at the entire discretion of the Interclub Competition administrators.

There is no timeframe in which the images must be captured. Archived images are accepted.  However, an image that has been entered and accepted by the judges in a previous Interclub Competition cannot be re-entered in another year (in any medium) unless it is drastically altered and becomes, in fact, a totally different photograph. Most alterations by cropping do not qualify.

Individual “on topic” images that do not apply to the definition of “Dusk to Dawn” will be disqualified. This will be left to the discretion of the judges. Disqualified images will not be reallocated to the General category. However, they may be entered in future Interclub competitions provided they comply with the Guidelines associated with those future competitions.

How to submit images on the website

To make a submission on the website you must first register at interclub.raphotoclub.ca.

Registration requires the person’s name, club affiliation, email address, and choice of password. Login ids and passwords from previous interclub competitions are valid.

Once you are registered you will go to the submissions upload page. Select your images for upload using the “Click to select files” tab. In the open dialogue showing your selected images, enter the Title, Category, Media, and choose which of your three images is optional. Then you should click on the right side arrow button to upload your images one at a time. You can if you wish re-enter the website using your login name and password and change any selection of images you have submitted up to the submission deadline time. By submitting images for the Competition you attest that:

  • You are a member in good standing of one of the participating clubs.
  • You have taken the submitted images yourself and own the copyright.
  • You grant the organizing committee a perpetual non-exclusive royalty-free license to display your photographs in connection with the competition.

You will retain copyright of your submissions at all times and will always be credited with your name alongside your pictures.

Digital Image Entries

Each digital image file shall be submitted in the following format:

  1. High quality JPEG in PC file format; use sRGB colour space.
  2. Digital images should be in the proper orientation for viewing (upright on monitor and not requiring any rotation).
  3. Resolution shall be no larger than 1920 pixels in the horizontal dimension and 1080 pixels in the vertical dimension. We recommend not showing anything smaller than 500 pixels on any dimension.
  4. There may not be any identification or watermark of any kind on the portion of the digital images to be shown to the judges. Non-compliant images will be automatically disqualified.
  5. Digital images must be submitted to the following website; (interclub.raphotoclub.ca) before the submission deadline.
  6. Each competitor shall indicate on the submission page by checking the appropriate button, which of their three images are optional.

Print Entries

Each print entry shall be submitted in the following format:

  1. Print entries must be a maximum of 24” x 36” including the mounting board or mat. There is a minimum size for print entries of 8” x 12” (including the mount). Print entries must be flat mounted and may be matted.
  2. Framed prints are not accepted. Velcro fasteners are not allowed.
  3. Multiple images in a single mount or mat are considered as one entry and must be relevant to each other.
  4. There may not be any identification or watermark of any kind on the portion of the prints to be shown to the judges. Non-compliant images will be automatically disqualified.
  5. Digital copies of prints must also be submitted to the website (interclub.raphotoclub.ca) before the submission deadline.
  6. After you have finished uploading your images to the website, please print 1 copy of the entry form for your print(s) by clicking on the button. The completed entry form must be affixed to the back of each print

The following must appear on the back of the print entry:

  • Whether on topic “Dusk to Dawn” or “GENERAL”
  • The name of the photographer
  • Brief descriptive title
  • An arrow pointing to the top of the image.
  • The abbreviation indicating club affiliation just above the competitor’s name.
    Camera Club of Ottawa – CCO
    Club de photographie Polarisé de l’Outaouais – CPPO
    RA Photo Club – RAPC
    Club Photo Orléans Photo Club – CPOPC 


On topic images “Dusk to Dawn” shall be judged separately from “GENERAL” images. General images will be judged before on topic images.

Prints shall be judged separately from digital images. 

Judging will take place before the competition presentation night. Only the judges and officially designated volunteers will be permitted entry on the judging night. 

On presentation night, judges will be asked to make comments on as many images as time permits.

First, second and third prizes will be awarded for each of the following four categories:

  • Digital images: “DUSK to DAWN” and “GENERAL”
  • Prints: “DUSK to DAWN” and “GENERAL”

In addition, one entry will be selected as Best-in-Show.

The Best-in-Show image will be determined based on individual entry scores. The Best-in-Show image will constitute a separate category and the selected entry will not be considered for individual category honors. In the category from which the Best-in-Show image is selected, the second place image will become first, the third will become second and the highest scoring honorable mention will become third.